Welcome to the hastily-prepared quarantine edition of Hey Robot, a game in which you try to get your smart speaker (Alexa or Google Home) to say a specific word.

It was created by Everybody House Games and was successfully funded on Kickstarter in November 2019. You may also have seen it played by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show with John Mulaney or Tina Fey.

Because we're all socially isolated and in great need of some anxiety-relieving connection, we thought we'd make a version to play with Zoom or Skype and as many friends as you can fit on your screen.

If you like the game, you can sign up here to be notified when Hey Robot pre-orders go live. We have a lot of fun playing the web version, but the board game (shown above) includes beautiful 60s-era art, cards, pieces, 850 lovingly-curated words with finely-tuned score values, and a more involved set of rules and clarifications. It's the definitive version of Hey Robot for sure.

We hope you enjoy this small web version of the game as much as we have, and we hope it makes your social distancing a little more social.

Stay safe and well,

-Everybody House Games